Radio Related Links


Introduction to Amateur Radio video (produced by TX Factor for the RSGB).

 The Radio Society of Great Britain

TX Factor video of Kings School / ISS contact day

Ofcom Amateur Radio Licensing

Martin Lynch Ham Radio Suppliers

Radio World Ham Radio Suppliers

The TX Factor online UK TV station

Amsat...Amateur Satellites

Starting DMR programming

QRZ..  Amateur Radio Worldwide Database

Contact the ISS


 GQRP - Promoting QRP Operation


Worked All Britain Group

MoCVO Antennas

  A useful site if you are suffering QRM

  A useful site for aerial wire etc

A video on Amateur Radio during disaster situations

Lots of HF Aeronautical Volmet frequencies

Lots telescopic poles for aerial construction (local)

Meter and Filter design software

Loads of info on imported radios, programming etc

Interesting HF Vertical aerial (sorry the video is Italian...but you will get the idea)

Wire Aerials...Lots of wire aerials.

Interesting marine radio site

Good source of radio software

Limited space, here is a good attic aerial

Aerial dimensions 

Some day all ham radio sites will be this good

Video on getting a 380 / 390 onto DMR

Aerial design calculators (vhf types)

Getting started on DMR

Amateur TV Newsletters

Setting up a RT-SDR dongle as a scanner

Wire aerials

PMR Conversion 1

PMR Conversion 2

Good Vertical aerial video (sorry about the dodgey haircut)

Interesting crystal radio site