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  1. On Thursday, 15 November 2018, a SpaceX Falcon 9 vehicle lifted off flawlessly at 2046UTC from Cape Canaveral. It was carrying the first amateur radio payload destined for geostationary orbit. About 32 minutes after launch, SpaceX reports the spacecraft was successfully deployed into a geostationary transfer orbit. Positioned at 25.5°E, the satellite will carry an […]
  2. Two more 2018 RSGB Convention talks are now on YouTube. Using Drones to Measure Antenna Radiation Patterns by Jenny Bailey, G0VQH looks at how antenna radiation patterns are difficult to measure because antennas are typically high above the ground. A practical method of measuring the radiation field around an antenna could be with a drone. […]
  3. A new WSJT-X release candidate, version 2.0.0-rc4, now is available, and the version 2.0 quick start Guide has been revised and extended. The developers urge any one upgrading to the new version to read the release notes thoroughly. The upgrade requires users to change operator settings, so the software may not work straight out of […]
  4. It is vital that we contribute to the debate around spectrum use. Former RSGB Chairman Graham Murchie, G4FSG recently made a presentation on behalf of all UK radio amateurs to the UK Spectrum Policy Forum, a body that advises the government. He also led the subsequent discussion, supported by RSGB General Manager Steve Thomas, M1ACB […]
  5. Now a date for next year’s diary. The RSGB AGM will be held on 27 April 2019 at Jurys Inn, 245 Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2HQ. The Society’s accounts and reports for 2018 will appear in the April 2019 RadCom.