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  1. The RSGB Online Convention is taking place on 9 October 2021. There will be two live streams of talks available all day with a Q&A session at the end of each talk. After the event, on the RSGB YouTube channel, you will be able to view the lectures as many times as you wish. Callum, […]
  2. The RAF Air Cadets are planning to run the next Blue Ham Radio communications exercise on 16 and 17 October 2021. They hope that radio amateurs can put some time aside to join in with the cadets and staff on the shared section of the 5MHz bands. A Blue Ham participation certificate is available to […]
  3. Tap or click the link below to download this week’s GB2RS news script GB2RS News Script for 19 September 2021 (15-page/421KB Microsoft Word document) Problems downloading the GB2RS news script? Try this alternative link
  4. We have launched a new award to encourage people to use their new handheld and the substantial bandwidth we have at VHF and UHF, as well as— Do more radio-to-radio activity without the assistance of repeaters and internet gateways Be a bridge to other award programmes run by the RSGB (such as the 4-2-70 and […]
  5. Another casualty of the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic is the 2021 Tokyo Ham Fair, scheduled for 2 and 3 October 2021. Due to the latest wave of infection this summer, the Japanese national society, JARL, has reluctantly decided to cancel the Ham Fair. They hope that the Tokyo Ham Fair will be back in 2022, under […]