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  1. Three high altitude balloon launches will take place from a site in Welshpool on Thursday, 21 June 2018, conditions permitting. Starting between 10.30 and 11.30am, the balloons will have a number of experiments on board to look at various aspects of space flight. Involving a number of schools in the north west, the launches are […]
  2. Following agreement with Ofcom, the RSGB is pleased to announce that a new much faster online process is now available for all Full Licensees to access the 70.5-71.5MHz experimental band. Applications can now be made online for a new, annually-renewable Notice of Variation. It works in a similar way to the 146-147MHz NoV. This replaces […]
  3. The Reverse Beacon Network is beta-testing a separate Telnet feed for FT8 spots. You can find it at port 7001. This is in addition to the existing feed on port 7000, which has been re-purposed as CW-only. Also, Aggregator version five has been developed as a beta that can handle FT8 spots received from¬†WSJT-X. […]
  4. Preparations for the next World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 (WRC-19) have continued over the past few weeks with meetings at ITU in Geneva and CEPT Project Team D in Estonia. Volunteers from IARU and member societies have been engaged on two key agenda items of interest to amateur radio; regarding a potential 50MHz allocation for Region […]
  5. The Chinese amateur satellite organisation, CAMSAT, has released more details about their satellites planned for launch later this year. CAS-5A will carry two HF and two VHF-UHF transponders. CAS-6 will include a CW telemetry beacon on VHF, a 20kHz wide UHF-VHF linear transponder and AX.25 4.8k baud GMSK telemetry. Meanwhile, two Russian CubeSats will be […]