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 Kings School Ottery St Mary under guidance from SARS operate GB17YOTA and make an entry in Radcom March 2018.

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Pre - production meeting before aerial construction. 13 2 18


SARS members Gary, Barrie and Matthew discussing the finer points of homemade antenna tuning...13 2 18


SARS were happy to assist the Kings School Ottery St Mary in operating GB17YOTA on 11/12/17

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During January - March 2017 we ran a Foundation Training Course at The Kings School Ottery St Mary at the end of March 7 out of the 10 candidates were successful in obtaining their licences. (a photo with all 7 successful candidates to follow.)

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Staring early January 2017 we will be commencing our first Advanced training course. more details via our contact tab.


 GB16YOTA .... On the 2/12/16 SARS operated at the Kings School Ottery St Mary Devon using the RSGB YOTA call sign

Members of the newly formed Kings School Radio Society (M0KSO) made upward of 200 contacts despite poor band conditions, the groups new IC 7300 was put to good use and all the members were able to exchange greetings with other amateurs. A great start for the group and a excellent introduction to operating a special event station.

The new aerial was used and with small alteration will be a great asset for the to follow.


The four candidates taking the Intermediate exam on 1/12/16 were all successful, Congratulation to Chris, Gary, Rob and Matthew.



SARS will be operating a station at the opening of the new 1st Sid Vale Scouts Headquarters....20th August, we will be active on all HF bands with some limited operation on 144 mhz.. contacts with the station are welcome especially from other Scout groups. contact us via the contact form on our website  or via our pages on either Twitter or Facebook. 

 Stuart Hughes with Dave Lee,Keith Mills,John Hartnell and Norman Ansell of Sidmouth amateur radio society at the community festival. Ref shs 30-16TI 4717. Picture: Terry Ife SARS operating GB2SCF


There is a new RSGB video about the ISS Principia is the link


 At the RSGB AGM held 23rd April in Glasgow, the regional winners of the Club of the Year 2015 competition were announced, Sidmouth ARS are pleased to announce we won the award for small club (24 or less members) in region 11, TARS in Torquay won the large club section, winners now go forward to the national final at Hamfest in Newark in September.


Trophy presentation by Steve Hartley  Chairman of the Board RSGB

During the 15th April 2015 session at Kings School SARS were visited by a film crew from the TX Factor who were filming towards making a couple of features for the RSGB and TX Factor..we hope our acting debuts will lead us toward the BAFTA awards......

During the period 11th to 15th April 2016 SARS members Keith Mills G0GIN and Dave Lee G6XUV gave talks to Year 8 pupils at Kings Schools the students then went on to construct FM radios from kits and then construct suitable cases to mount the radios was a very enjoyable and fun event which introduced over 150 students to the World of Amateur Radio.

During the weekend of 9th - 10th April 2016 SARS ran a Foundation course at Kings School Ottery St Mary, the successful candidates will have the honour of establishing the contact with the ISS in May.

SARS will be supporting ARISS at Kings School Ottery St Mary during their planned contact to the ISS. this is scheduled for the first week or so of May 2016


March the 6th 2016 is the date for the Exeter Radio Rally, held a America Hall Pinhoe Exeter, all the usual traders will be in attendance as well as a large Bring and Buy.....SARS will have a stand selling surplus equipment and also supporting the GB3SW and Exeter repeater group



GB0RWC completed callsign now on its way to Twickenham for the final..... we managed 573 contacts into 47 countries.


28th 29th October 2015 back to GB0RWC  looks like a promising start......first contact Japan on 18mhz....


27th October 2015 Congratulations to the candidates who passed their Intermediate examination tonight, we all look forward to working you on your new 2E next step the Advanced Exam.

Look out for GB0RWC on the 24th 25th 28th and 29th October 2015 celebrating the Rugby World Cup in the UK for 2015.

Operation of the call sign will be undertaken by the SARS at Shute Farm Fluxton Devon....thanks to Dave Boyes M6KVJ for the use of his facilities.


On Friday the 16th October we had a visit from the !st Sid Vale Scout Group using our society call sign G0AXC we contacted other scout groups and exchanged greetings in support of Jota 2015

We obtained a copy of the new RSGB / Tx Factor "Introduction to Amateur Radio" video this was shown to the scouts who greeted it very favourably, three scouts decided to enrol for the next foundation course..all in all a great night.


The trailer and mast

Work is going on at a pace the the trailer has been painted and reassembled and the seals for the mast overhaul have arrived.

photo shortly....


Tuesday 28th April 2015

Alec G8GON presented a talk and demonstration about the work of Nikola Tesla, Alec showed the operation of various size coils, starting with small battery operated units to larger coils producing streamers up to a metre long.

The audience sat enthralled at the demonstration and then joined in the end to see close up the streamers and plasma produced.

Thanks to Alec for a great demonstration.



Tonight (07/04/2015) is VHF Contest night.

Preparing for tonight's VHF Contest (07/04/2015)


This month (23/03/2015), we had a fantastic interactive demonstration by Steve White, G3ZVW, entitled Instant Morse.

We had members and guests attending, some of whom knew CW (or, as it is otherwise known, Morse Code) and others who didn't. I didn't say that the aim and goal of this demonstration was to learn CW by means of association and a story associated with each letter of the alphabet.

Steve was excellent in his delivery and we can safely say that those who did not know Morse Code before attending were able to recite the alphabet in Morse Code both forwards and backwards come the end, within an hour!

A picture of the presentation is displayed below.

We would like to thank Steve for his efforts and for proving that CW is not beyond the reach of anyone.



Next Month.....the lecture 28th April will be given by Alec, G8GON, on the subject of Tesla Coils (hard hats and rubber gloves optional).

Advance notice......on the 28th July Steve White returns for a talk entitled DXpeditioning and Contesting from Ascension Island.

As usual these lectures are also open to non-SARS members.