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Latest Amateur Radio News from around the world
  1. ARISS contact planned for school in Poland

    An International Space Station school contact has been planned for Ricky Arnold KE5DAU with Janusz Kusocinski Primary School No. 71, Poznan, Poland. The event is scheduled Wednesday 23 May 2018 at approximately 11:06 UTC
  2. beaconspot change of domain name

    The EU has said that .eu domains held by UK registrants may be revoked when the United Kingdom leaves the EU (March 29, 2019). As a result, has been moved to
  3. Ham radio exam held in Xi’an

    The Chinese Amateur Radio Club (CRAC) organised the first Class C exam in Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi province, on May 12, 2018. 56 candidates took the exam and 35 passed
  4. Electronics still thrives as a hobby

    Lou Frenzel W5LEF writes though the tools and components have changed radically since its hobbyist beginnings, the fascination and passion for electronics remains
  5. Hyderabad radio ham receives world recognition

    On Friday, May 18, the international magazine CQ Amateur Radio inducted Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE along with 11 others to its 2018 Hall of Fame, with Farhan being the only living Indian on the list
  6. QSO Today - Jack Mandelman - K1VT

    Dr. Jack Mandelman is on the short list for holding the most patents, over 700 Worldwide, in the area of semiconductor physics, while at the same time a successful ham radio operator working DX and CW
  7. Radio hams prepare for natural disaster

    Events happen frequently around the globe that serve as reminders how life as we know it can suddenly change as a result of a catastrophic event
  8. Ham radio heads to the Moon

    DSLWP is a lunar formation flying mission led by Harbin Institute of Technology for low frequency radio astronomy, amateur radio and education. It consists of a pair of 47 kg microsatellites, to be launched into a lunar transfer orbit UTC this Sunday evening, and finally enter a 300 x 9000km lunar elliptical orbit
  9. Historic entry for ILLW

    25 years ago on 28th August 1993 the very first Northern Lighthouse Weekend Activity took place managed by Mike Dalrymple GM4SUC of the Ayr Amateur Radio Group
  10. CEPT RF Spectrum Interference and Enforcement questionnaire

    The result of a questionnaire on interference and enforcement issues for Amateur Radio and other services covering the UK and other CEPT countries is available
  11. Foundations of Amateur Radio #154

    With computers becoming more and more ensconced within the confines of our radio shack the variety of information available is increasing regularly. The introduction of a waterfall display has dramatically simplified the process of detecting what the activity level is on a particular band
  12. Tony's 10m Band Report

    Back to the olden, golden days of 4 or 5 years ago. Although conditions had dipped when the weekend arrived.
  13. Essex Skills Night Monday

    Hosted by the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society Training Team, Skills Nights are Inter-Club events attended by amateurs and SWL's from across Essex and beyond. They provide an opportunity to try something new, share ideas, get help and advice, and socialise with others interested in the hobby
  14. IRTS bandplans for new 8m and 5m ham radio bands

    The IRTS have released bandplans for the new Amateur Radio 30-49 MHz (8m) and 54-69.9 MHz (5m) allocations
  15. Andy Blank, N2NT, and Tom Wagner, N1MM, inducted into CQ Contest Hall of Fame

    CQ magazine today announced the induction of two new members to the CQ Contest Hall of Fame, which honors those contesters who not only excel in personal performance but who also 'give back' to the hobby in outstanding ways