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  1. Amateur Radio and the art of getting started - One of the regular topics of conversation in amateur radio, especially for those new to the community, is where to start? The sheer volume of available options is often overwhelming
  2. LABRE met with ANATEL on November 18 to discuss changes in the legislation governing the Amateur Radio Service in Brazil, specifically the revision of Resolution 449/2006
  3. WIA Director Peter Clee VK8ZZ looks at the difference between the number of newcomers joining the hobby in Australia compared to the UK
  4. The ARRL reports on the bi-lateral events taking place in the UK and USA to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the successful amateur radio transatlantic tests
  5. Book now to secure a place on the popular free BBDL online course for the amateur radio Intermediate exam
  6. Radio amateurs in Brazil participated in a Workshop held by the Brazilian Space Agency on Small Educational Satellites
  7. The LoRa radio protocol is well known to hardware hackers because of its Long Range (hence the name) but also its extremely low power use
  8. The Retro QRP Widowmaker, if that’s any kind of a hint
  9. Members of the Austrian DX Board (ADXB) will be active as OE50ADXB from their club station OE1XBC during the month of December
  10. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the 1st Transatlantic Test, the code practice text material for the week of December 6 through 10 originates from the February 1922 issue of QST. It was in this issue the results of the Transatlantic Test were published
  11. Southgate Vibes is our twice-weekly amateur radio podcast