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Latest Amateur Radio News from around the world
  1. Ganesh Subramaniam, VU2TS, began his ham radio journey in 1959 trying to find someone, anyone, somewhere in his native Bangalore, India, who could provide basic information about the amateur radio service in India
  2. SARL News reports next week South Africa will send the largest ever delegation to attend the ITU World Radio Conference in Egypt
  3. In this weeks Board Comment WIA Director Mike VK8MA says "We need to replace silent keys with young vibrant youth enthusiasm"
  4. The JARL reports Tokyo's Amateur Radio Ham Fair 2019 welcomed a total of 42,000 visitors in two days. This was the highest number of visitors since it became a two day event
  5. Poland's Health Ministry is reported to be working on a draft regulation that is feared will set new restrictions on levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF), this appears to have arisen due to misguided concerns about 5G
  6. SARL News reports the CQ WW is the largest Amateur Radio competition in the world. Over 35 000 participants take to the airwaves on the last weekend of October (SSB) and November (CW) with the goal of making as many contacts, with as many different DXCC entities and CQ Zones, as possible
  7. The 37th Annual AMSAT Space Symposium and General Meeting has begun, and will continue through Sunday, October 20, 2019, at The Hilton Arlington in Arlington, Virginia. Sessions are being live streamed
  8. World Wide Radio Operators Foundation - The other day I accidentally learnt something new. I know, it's crazy, sometimes I surprise myself
  9. Brazilian radio amateurs participated in a Science Fair at Gonçalves Dias School, Boa Vista on October 16
  10. This year JOTA celebrates 62 years of connecting scouts and guides by radio. A few things to note, with the change of DMR talk groups for JOTA this weekend, the Tasmania Wia news is on TG3807 this weekend at 9:30 am advises VK7ZCR
  11. The New Zealand Net (NZ Net) is an 80-metre CW net operating every Monday-Friday evening
  12. reports that operators Johannes PA5X (5T5PA) and Evert PA2KW (5T2KW) will be active from a special location somewhere in Mauritania between the evening of October 19th until the morning of the 26th
  13. The Can-Am DXpedition Team will arrive in French Polynesia on November 3rd. While in Tahiti (FO), there will be some activity – including low bands -- for a couple of days/nights....
  14. Solar activity remains very low. At the bottom of the sunspot cycle, any sunspot activity is fleeting. Again, another week passes with no sunspots at all. reports no sunspots for the past two weeks, and the total number of spotless days this year is now 213 days, or 73%, matching the percentage of spotless days in 2008